Jerry’s ’96 12v Bronco

This is one bad little pony! Jerry retired his 6.0 Harley Edition truck and now this is his daily driver as well as a Clydesdale pulling horse! It is his packhorse when hunting and an everyday Seabiscut! I would say this is one well rounded horse!

Steel’s ’66 Jimmy

This was Steel’s first build… A frame off restoration at the age of 16. This ’66 GMC truck sports the original 305 V6 engine.

Woodland Enterprises

Shane Wood of Woodland Enterprises, based out of Rycroft Alberta, Canada- Called me back in early December and told me he was going to put a 12v in his 2004 Superduty. There is a long story behind it, but after an attempt to do the swap himelf, he sent it to us and we did it up the right way! Twins, a ported/polished/fire ringed race head, ARP custom age studs, Gorilla Girdle, a 650+cc P7100 pump and some garden hose injectors, a full stereo build, wheels, tires and the list goes on and on. By the time it was all said and done with- he drove home with an 800+ Horse toy!

Naffzinger’s Duramax

Ryan Naffzinger’s 04 LB7 Duramax has been completely murdered and blacked out! This undercover work truck has a few surprises under the hood, including Snow Performance water methanol injection, Stg 2 injectors, and a BD turbo. It is tuned by a PPE Xcellerator programmer. It also sports a fully built Suncoast Allison Transmission.

Steel’s Twin Turbo Fummins

Steel’s 2006 F350 started out as a low mileage, bone stock 6.0 Powerstroke. It didn’t take long before Steel had it all tuned up, trying to out-do the boss’ Fummins!  Steel swore up and down that he would never put a Cummins in it.  However, after countless tanks of fuel at a whopping 13 empty Highway MPG, he finally caved in and did it right! She now screams down the road with a fully balanced rebuilt/built-up 06 CR motor with 12v Rods, Diesel Pro Towing cam, 125 Horse Sticks, 110 Valve Springs, ARP Studs, custom-built Twins and tons of other goodies. This truck has had 3 different transmissions in it now, first the 5R110, then a ZF6 and now a built 4R100 out of Aden’s truck. This thing is now a towing beast!

Aden’s Big Red Fummins

This is the original “Fummins”. Aden traded his 05 Harley truck to his buddy for this super clean ’99 F250 with only 43k miles on the clock and some cash in his pocket. It wasn’t long before the 7.3 came up MIA under the hood, and there was fresh ’05 CR sitting in the engine bay hooked up to a fully built 4R100. From 2005 to 2011 he put on over 150k miles on the conversion with zero issues. In early 2011 we decided she needed an update, and pulled everything down, cleaned it up, built up the motor and planted a GOS built Allison Transmission behind it. Oh, and it has Twins! We call her “Big Red!”

Aden’s ’79 F250 Sleeper

This is Aden’s “other” pride and joy. It is the cleanest ’79 around and looks like it just rolled off of the assembly line! This beauty is not your average old hunk of metal, it sports a 600 horse P-Pumped 12v mated to a NV5600 and a Southbend OFE Clutch. Right now it has a Silver 62 forcing air down it’s throat, but it has plenty of fuel for a set of twins… soon to come!

Kirk’s 85 Ford 12 Valve Cummins

This super clean ’85 Ford F250 is owned by Kirk Bryan of Shiloh Sharps, base out of Big Timber Montana. This truck used to be Kirk’s “toy”, with a big block gasser, but since his decision to swap in a 450 horse 12v Cummins… well lets just say he parked his 06 SD and this turned into his daily driver. It has been redone from the ground up, repainted as well as a King Ranch interior!