Naffzinger’s Cummins

Chaviz’s Twin Turbo Duramax

Chaviz’s Duramax started out with a lift and some fancy wheels and tires. It came to us first for a set of upgraded injectors and CP3. Shortly after he ordered an S300 turbo kit. After a few months of running it that way, it came in with a bent connecting rod on cylinder #2. You guessed it! We did a full motor build with Carillo rods, studs, and other motor upgrades. After that, the motor was just begging you to throw more air to it, so we went with an S474 on top of the S300 and let’s just say… wow!

Black Canyon Excavating

One afternoon we had this big black flatbed F350 show up on a wrecker to us with a dead 6.0. Nobody knew what it was or who’s it was until the next morning when a gentleman by the name of Don Phister called and claimed it. The next words out of his mouth were, “aren’t you the guys who put the Cummins in Ford trucks?” It was an obvious answer. “Yes” Aden replied. “Ok well here is my credit card number and how soon can I pick it up?” This was probably the easiest conversion sale we have ever had to pitch! It got an 04.5 CR and an NV5600 transmission. Only upgrade besides a smarty was a Thunder 330 turbo and PacBrake. He pulls a trailer with it all the time with a combined gross weight of over 35,000 pounds!

Montana Pump

Not your average well drilling truck!