Steel’s Twin Turbo Fummins

Steel’s 2006 F350 started out as a low mileage, bone stock 6.0 Powerstroke. It didn’t take long before Steel had it all tuned up, trying to out-do the boss’ Fummins!  Steel swore up and down that he would never put a Cummins in it.  However, after countless tanks of fuel at a whopping 13 empty Highway MPG, he finally caved in and did it right! She now screams down the road with a fully balanced rebuilt/built-up 06 CR motor with 12v Rods, Diesel Pro Towing cam, 125 Horse Sticks, 110 Valve Springs, ARP Studs, custom-built Twins and tons of other goodies. This truck has had 3 different transmissions in it now, first the 5R110, then a ZF6 and now a built 4R100 out of Aden’s truck. This thing is now a towing beast!

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